YOU ⋈ TUMuchData e.V.

You can JOIN our club (TUMuchData e.V.) by filling out the following form (German) and handing it to one of our management team members:

Beitrittserklärung (JOIN form)

Datenschutzhinweise (Data protection notes)

Member Rights and Responsibilities

The club members are officially a part of the TUMuchData e.V. (Non-profit legal entity). Club members have the right to steer the club by voting for the club representatives (1. Vorsitzender, 2. Vorsitzender, Kassenprüfer).

Additionally, all club members are invited to the general assembly once a year (at the beginning of the year). During the general assembly, the club representatives present what happened over the last year together with the club’s books (income and expenses), The club members can also vote for the new representatives during this meeting.

Moreover, club members can donate money to the club and deduct it from their taxes.